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At ArtsProfessional we aim to share the news and information that helps our readers get the most out of their professional practice. But more than that, we investigate some of the most important issues facing the cultural sector and provide a safe space where people working in the sector can share ideas, debate important issues and learn from each other’s experiences.

Because we’re completely independent, we’re free to publish exactly what our readers want. But to retain this independence we have to earn our income from sources that won’t compromise our editorial freedom and we need the support of our readers to keep moving forward.

We want to bring you more original content; cover a wider range of issues; extend our investigative work; deliver more research studies; and significantly improve the online and mobile experience of our readers. These are all costly ambitions, but with support from readers we can make this happen.

We know that most people working work in the arts can’t afford a lot, so our subscription options have been set up with that in mind.